A "business school" where our people can live company reality and values and where personal and professional skills are continuously renewed.

The goal is to develop and support processes for aligning values, strategies and people within the organization, continuously adapting and growing the company key skills and the individuals who work for and with it.

We want to always guarantee a high-value, excellent and engaging experience: for this reason, we provide a mix of laboratory teaching, practical exercises, group works, videos, guided discussions, case studies, simulations and role-playing, with continuous feedback between the trainer and participants on the behaviors performed.

Active involvement makes the participants the main players in the learning process, also experimenting with the training content on the field.


The company's history, values, mission, organizational structure and brand guidelines;

The principles of communication, listening to and understanding interlocutors, different approaches to consulting;

The opening phase and management of objections and closing, the importance of customer loyalty, with a particular focus on B2B dynamics;

Procedures and tools;

Specific training on the customer and their product/service.

These are all valuable contents that accompany people in the onboarding phase and extend to the internal needs of skilling, reskilling and upskilling.